» DiSanto steps in dog shit, could smear SDGOP with it
21/09/17 14:31 from interested party

» Any potential GOP Legislative Candidates out there?
21/09/17 14:11 from South Dakota War College
Anyone out there looking at running for the South Dakota Legislature (or county office) as a Republican for the first time in 2018? Drop me a confidential note here, and let me know a few basics, such as name, city, what office you’...

» Congresswoman Kristi Noem meets with the SDSU College Republicans tonight!
21/09/17 02:42 from South Dakota War College
I was a College Republican. Once. Long, long ago…  And that’s a big group of future conservative leaders on the SDSU Campus! Taking time off from running for Governor, Congresswoman Kristi Noem took the time to pop in to say ...

» The Argus utterly screws up the basic facts about the election process in SD
20/09/17 19:05 from South Dakota War College
I read this, and just had to shake my head. Did the Argus even try? The Argus Leader shows us once again how much they don’t know about South Dakota politics: The field of candidates vying for the attorney general’s office is...

» Team Jackley out on the parade circuit this past week.
20/09/17 14:14 from South Dakota War College
The Jackley for Governor campaign just dropped me a  few courtesy photos, as they’ve been out hitting the campaign trail recently. Here’s the Jackley parade team at Swarm Days this past weekend… And at the Pierre Homeco...

» Air Force schedules another round of albedo modification over PRTC
20/09/17 13:54 from interested party

» State Rep. Lynne DiSanto’s employer parts ways with her over meme controversy.
20/09/17 03:34 from South Dakota War College
Apparently, the eternally outraged have outraged State Representative Lynne DiSanto’s Real Estate Employer over the meme controversy, as they’ve announced that they’ve parted ways with her tonight over it: As I noted ea...

» SDDP has a tremendous burn rate going right now! September FEC Report in for SDDP.
20/09/17 03:00 from South Dakota War College
18.7K Raised. 34.7K Spent, 65.7K Cash on hand. Wow. Dems have got it going out almost twice as fast as it’s coming in. And at this rate, they’ve got about 2 months worth left. SDDP Sept 2017 FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd The So...

» Dusty Johnson’s crew at the Pierre Homecoming Parade tonight
20/09/17 01:55 from South Dakota War College
The Johnson for Congress campaign crew was out spreading the Dusty Johnson gospel tonight at the Pierre Homecoming parade.

» 2016 District 3 GOP House Candidate Todd Kolden passed away today.
20/09/17 01:48 from South Dakota War College
I heard this evening that Todd Kolden, a former Aberdeen School Board member, and Republican primary legislative candidate for District 3 House this past election passed away today. Please keep his family in your prayers.

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