» Mid Central’s 2015 state-audit link
22/05/17 20:50 from Pure Pierre Politics
Here’s the link for the 2015 single-year audit conducted on Mid Central Educational Cooperative by the state Department of Legislative Audit. Here’s the link for the special review that legislative auditors also conducted. Th...

» Will they be having a family caucus too? (I’m feeling a big marginalized)
22/05/17 20:13 from South Dakota War College
I’m kind of wondering if I need to place an “unclassified” sign around my neck, as the South Dakota Democrat Party seems awfully concerned about classifying everyone into groups, so they can designate their social worth...

» Three sentenced in federal courts
22/05/17 14:19 from Pure Pierre Politics
The office of the U.S. attorney for the district of South Dakota, Randy Seiler, has provided information about more sentences handed down by federal judges in South Dakota. Jorie Malcolm Cavanaugh, 27, of Eagle Butte received a sentence ...

» Terry LaFleur, GOP Outlier candidate for Gov, proposes 15% income tax
22/05/17 13:33 from South Dakota War College
Never let it be said that all Republicans oppose a state income tax. (Just most of us). This morning, the same Republican candidate who has his sights set on universal healthcare and repealing the State Bar exam has another proposal he&#...

» Billie might not be Dem’s Hero. Are Dems trying to push a couple of reluctant candidates forward?
22/05/17 03:13 from South Dakota War College
Did you notice how Democrat State Senator Billie Sutton, who was said to be planning to announce that he was going to be running for Governor at the Democrat’s McGovern Day Dinner, didn’t? While Sutton spoke at the event, he ...

» Learn From American History – Throw off the Tyrants!
22/05/17 02:33 from American Clarion

» Trump "Loves The Poorly Educated" So Much He Wants To Make More Of Them
22/05/17 00:10 from THE CONSTANT COMMONER

» US Senator John Thune’s Weekly Column: South Dakota Businesses Would Benefit From Pro-Growth Tax Reform
21/05/17 19:11 from South Dakota War College
South Dakota Businesses Would Benefit From Pro-Growth Tax Reform By Sen. John Thune The United States is long overdue for a major tax reform bill. After eight years of economic weakness, we need a tax code that works for workers and job ...

» US Senator Mike Rounds’ Weekly Column: South Dakota Students Taking the Next Steps
21/05/17 19:08 from South Dakota War College
South Dakota Students Taking the Next Steps By Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) Every spring, a new group of students takes a big step into the next phase of life upon graduation. Whether students are moving on from high school, college or a...

» Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s Weekly Column: Sharing Our Agricultural Traditions
21/05/17 19:06 from South Dakota War College
Sharing Our Agricultural Traditions By Rep. Kristi Noem   For nearly 100 years, my family has farmed the land we live on. It’s more than a business to us. It’s a tradition, a way of life – one that we share with many across the stat...

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